Thursday, December 8, 2011

Punning pudding

There's an awful lot of people in this world. See! I promised wisdom and there it is.

I'm asleep last night and in the middle of the usual raft of pointless dreaming suddenly have this Number one, 24 carat, brilliant idea. I'm thinking about "Just Desserts" an interesting and common expression suggesting that someone got what they deserved. I'm thinking what an amazing idea for a range of puddings that supermarkets could sell. Yes! I think, my fortune is assured. Punning puddings will pay the mortgage.

I could offer: Fine yogurt. (geddit? Fine!), Custardial sentence, Suspended Tapioca, Bread and batter pudding, Sticky Magistrate, Chocolate Sponger, Cellomina etc etc My dreams are engrossing.

I wake today and check Google. Yup! There's a range of puddings called Just Desserts. There's even a bloke who says it should be "Just Deserts!" because it started in Australia or something. I've lost interest and, possibly, the will to live.

Son number One has this mate who sells teeshirts with "I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that" on them. So maybe my nocturnal brainwave should have read the shirt. Or perhaps, there's me with this fantastic idea stolen right from under me while I'm asleep. Those damn people eh?

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