Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Night Story - Suppertime

One for the kiddies - in exactly 200 words:

Mad old Mrs Frobisher sat at the dining table, her face reflected in its mahogany shine. She reached down beside her chair and brought up a large handbag on to the table.

‘O Kitty’ she sang, ‘suppertime!’

She opened the bag and took out a pair of spectacles, a six-inch nail, a claw hammer, a tin of Whiskas, a tin opener, a Spode finger-bowl and a gold chain. She put on her spectacles and examined the chain, allowing it to pour from one arthritic hand to another like a gleaming waterfall over knobbly rocks. It sparkled in the light of the chandelier.

‘Ah, Kitty!’ she cooed, as her marmalade cat jumped into her lap. ‘Peckish?’

The cat purred as Mrs Frobisher attached the chain to its collar. She passed the nail through a ring on the other end of the chain.

She took the hammer and, with determined blows, drove the nail into the mahogany. Kitty tried to run but the chain snapped taut. Mrs Frobisher opened the can and filled the bowl, placing it an inch beyond the cat’s salivating reach. The chain hummed.

Mad old Mrs Frobisher settled down for her evening’s entertainment, her face alight with glee.

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  1. Hmmmmm. Not sure if Tilds would be happy with that ending. Henry on the other hand, would laugh out loud!